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Location: Sussex, England

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Age: 39
Location: Sussex
Relationship: Seperated
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brunette
Height: (163cm)
Body: Curvy
Race: White
Smoker: Non-smoker
Drinker: Light drinker
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Piercings: No
Tattoos: No
Orientation: Straight
Children: I have children
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I'm always in a good mood, I look fresh even if I don't wear make-up and you can approach me anytime. It's easy for me to make friends because I have excellent social skills and they say I'm enticing. I'm careful with how I treat other people because I don't want to give the wrong signal. I may be friendly and sweet but it doesn't mean I want to be your girlfriend, maybe I just want to be your fuck buddy. I hope you're good in reading a girl like me.
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